Wranglers to Play in Temporary Stadium

by UFL Staff

Stadium at Empire Field | Unitech

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK-- The although the Oklahoma City Wranglers will be playing an arena style of football, but they will return the game to its roots as the Wranglers will play their 2023 season in an 8,400-seat open-air temporary stadium. 

That move is necessary as the team continues to evaluate locations around the metro-Oklahoma City area to build a permanent facility. 

The United Football League (UFL), which owns the Wranglers, has stated that it will cost $1.1 million to build the temporary facility and remove it. The exorbitant facility cost is included in the team's 2023 operating budget. The UFL is a spring football league that has adopted aspects of arena football, and traditional American football requires all of its franchises to play in open-air venues. 

The league hopes to announce the team's permanent stadium location by next summer, with an announcement of the team's temporary facility home later this month. 

A temporary stadium used in professional football was previously accomplished by the British Columbia Lions of the Candian Football League (CFL) during the 2010 season. 

Season tickets for the Wranglers will also go on sale later this month. 

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